Narmine’s double Embossed flower manner blanket | Export of Iranian blankets to Iraq

Narmine’s double Embossed flower manner blanket is also a good product for export to the Iraqi market and you can order this Iranian blanket model in different weight and thickness. We have provided a good business opportunity to work with international merchants by offering a variety of Iranian blanket models directly, and you can easily order a variety Embossed flower manner or simple flower blankets.

Receiving price and buying Narmine Embossed flower manner blanket with Cervin Blanket, Nasim Blanket, Negin Blanket and …, is also possible for businessmen directly from the factory and, on the other hand, creating a blanket online shopping structure as one of the Modern and efficient methods are considered that can undoubtedly bring the best possible prices to customers.

Narmine blanket price list is one of the information you can find on this site and through its links, and Narmine blanket manufacturing company is working to provide a suitable business structure for collaborating with international businessmen.

Address of Narmine Kashan blanket factoryShadilon’s Blanket

Address of Narmine Kashan blanket factory

Narmine Tissue is one of the manufacturers of blankets in our country which owns a factory for blankets in Kashan. Five kilometers from Qom Kashan Road and Ravand Industrial Town, this blanket weaving plant is a place where, due to the launch and use of modern and sophisticated devices, it has made remarkable and significant improvements in blanket quality.

The activities of this group of prominent Iranian Embossed flower mannerblankets started in 2001 and due to its growth and development in the sleeping goods industry, it has succeeded in presenting attractive and attractive designs.

If you want to introduce different types of blanket products, the following are the main options:

  • Narmine blankets
  • Narmine Royale blankets
  • Negin Blankets
  • Royal Negin Blankets
  • Flowering Narmine blanket
  • Simple Narmine blanket
  • Narmine dolls blanket
  • Flowering Cervin Blanket
  • Simple Cervin Blankets

These include the Narmine blankets model, and the blanket production at the factory is mainly made of polyester fibers, which has been used to improve the quality and variety of products.

Telegram channel for wholesale blankets

In today’s world, there are many tools available to experience secure and lucrative businesses in every field, and bulk blanket shopping is one of the things that many customers are looking for and shopping through the telegram channel can Be one of the tools that will familiarize customers with the major vendors.

But this telegram channel cannot simply be a reliable source for wholesale Narmine blankets, as it has no cost and anyone can easily set up a telegram channel.

So keep in mind that a telegram channel is simply a tool for getting to know more about Narmine blanket products, and if you intend to order a blanket in bulk, either in person or through the site,… Get more from your purchase.

This site and its active collection have created ideal conditions that have led to a powerful blanket sales structure so you can easily order blanket models from any city you are in.

wholesale blankets

simply Narmine’s Embossed flower manner blanket of Negin model


simply Narmine’s Embossed flower manner blanket will be the perfect product for your bulk orders.

Negin blankets, available in two sizes, single and double, weighing 1800 and 2800 gr, this variety of blankets has been a factor in meeting different customer needs.

If we are going to talk about the type of blanket packaging, the Negin Double Blanket comes with 10-digit cartons and the single-person blanket has 12-digit cartons, and with that in mind, there are a number of other features including the weight and design of the blanket, You can order the bulk of this product.

Royal Negin Blankets will be another product you can buy from Narmine Blanket Company and in general, we have put all kinds of soft blanket products for sale at this center where you can share your orders with us.

blanket wholesale price with various models

Order Narmine’s double Embossed flower manner blanket Design Nasim


If you are planning on ordering an Narmine Iranian blanket with double Embossed flower manner blankets, buying a Nasim blanket will also be a great option to order from this collection in a variety of colors and designs.

The advantage of Nasim blanket is its low weight, which makes it affordable, and the low prices will also help to provide our customers with a good price. .

Regarding the blanket specifications of Ali, it is good to know that this blanket model, with a single size, weighs 1500 grams and doubles with a weight of 2300 gr, which can be ordered in 14 and 12-digit cartons. Quality, take action.

The designs and colors used in Narmine blanket printing and production are such that you can obtain this product in a good and significant variety and now, the best method and position is provided to you so that you can Order bulk Iranian style blankets.

blanket wholesale price with various models

Price list of Narmin’s double Embossed flower manner blanket


In the price list of the double blanket offered by Narmine products, there are a variety of prominent Embossed flower manner blanket models, including the introduction and sale of Narmin blankets.

This blanket model is relatively heavy in the category of blankets because the single blanket weighs 2200 gr and the double blanket weighs 3300 gr and you may want to buy this blanket in 10 to 8-digit cartons as well,You can order numbers.

Fortunately, our partnership with various shipping companies has led us to see that we can easily ship blanket models to cities where our customers are located.

Narmin Embossed flower manner blanket comes in two simple and Flowering types that you will be able to contact us to order.

Narmine blanket wholesale price with various models


If you want to introduce Narmine blanket products, there are many different models that you can order, and at affordable prices.

For example, Narmin’s Doll Blanket will be one of a number of blankets produced in single size, and the Embossed flower manner design of this blanket model is designed to appeal to any audience.

Another noteworthy thing about Narmin’s doll blanket is the variety of designs and models used to make it appeal to any audience.

If you want to buy a variety of Ali blanket products, it’s possible for you to do so through the Panda Collection, and you can register blankets not just in person, but in person as well. Items are for your convenience.

blanket wholesale price with various models


Export of Iranian blankets to Iraq


With the growth of the blanket industry in the country, the export of blankets to various countries, including Iraq, has also increased significantly, so that one can experience good profitability in this area.


Blankets and bedding merchants can choose from many brands, among them Narmine’s Embossed flower manner blanket, given its diverse range of products, is one of the best options that can meet customer needs To fix it.

But the more important issue that comes up after choosing blanket Ali will be how to buy and order this product. A company like Narmine Collection has put the site and the Internet at the forefront of its consumer tools by designing a structure for direct blanket delivery, and has therefore been able to make all kinds of blanket products easily accessible to its customers.

Keep in mind that the availability to buy a wide variety of Narmine blankets is not limited to one situation, and you will be able to contact us from any city or country to major of supply a Narmine blanket.

Export of Iranian blankets to Iraq

The best selling reference for all kinds of Embossed flower manner blankets


Google has given us a good opportunity to create a well-structured structure for selling Embossed flower manner blankets, and this blanket sales reference is tailored to meet the needs and orders of customers in each city, Simply answer.

Such a structure can have many benefits, in which priority can be given to the high speed of business activity, and such speed will undoubtedly be a factor in helping customers in this field gain more profitability. To find.

Custom blankets can be ordered directly from Narmine blanket factory door or from Tehran warehouse via customer communication via this site.



Immediate sale of travel monochrome Embossed flower manner blankets


The unique travel monochrome Embossed flower manner single blankets is also among the products of the blanket Narmine company that you can get this good and functional product by purchasing a cervical blanket.

Cervin blankets are also manufactured in flower arrangements and different designs are used to print on this lightweight travel blanket model to make our customers more versatile and complete.

Cervin Travel Jelly Blanket have been recognized as a popular blanket among families, and this has been due to the lightness and cheapness of this product.

Wholesale blankets for sale in this context will give customers the ability to carry out their orders in person, which will undoubtedly save time and money in the best possible way and what It is good that you also use such a structure to order bulk blankets, as there are other benefits to you.


The Website for Buy Double Blanket Narmine Model Narmin Embossed flower manner Color Brown


Buy single blanket Narmin as a good blanket model that can be ordered with customers in brown color.

By buying Narmin blankets, you can experience a good quality at an affordable price. On the other hand, the higher weight and thickness of this blanket model can be another part of its appeal that draws the audience’s attention. .


Order single monochrome Embossed flower manner or Narmin flowers blanket will be suitable for customers who want a high variety with good quality and in general, Narmine blanket products are tailored to best suit your different needs. Gives.

The simple and fast supply of this Iranian blanket model is also one of the competitive advantages of choosing this brand. , Buy.