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Shadilon Mashhad Blanket is provided by Shadilon Industrial and Industrial Group and is offered at best price from the factory, for wholesale, and you can choose and order from a variety of Chika Blanket, Rosha Blanket, Aylar Blanket, Nika Blanket and …. There are also patterned blankets and you can buy Simple blankets, monochrome and Embossed flower manner. Blanket products include several examples and works that are one of the creative manufacturers in the blanket market, Shadilon Blanket Manufacturing Company, and have been able to produce and supply a variety of single and double blankets, dolls as well as a baby and Teenage models.

It is good that you also choose Shadilon blankets for your business, as we are ready to wholesale this blanket with the factory price.

Paya blanket factory in Mashhad

Paya blanket factory in Mashhad

Shadiloon’s Nubaft factory in Mashhad has extensive activities in the blanket industry so that many products are marketed and can be named as follows:

  • Travel Blankets
  • A Baby blankets
  • Teenager blankets
  • Young blankets
  • Single blanket
  • Double blankets

These are the products of Shadilon’s blanket weaving department, each of which has succeeded in making the Embossed flower manner blanket weave with varied designs and models.

If we talk about Shadilon travel blankets, we can refer to features such as a durable travel blanket that has two sizes of 150 * 220 and 200 * 220 cm2.

Keep in mind that the first option is the single travel blanket and the second option is the double travel blanket, and you can order up to 16 different colors for this color combination.

Production of this Iranian single blanket model is made of polyester and microfiber fibers to be lighter in weight and about the weight of the single blanket should be said to weigh 1675 gr.

Undoubtedly, the cheap price and light weight of this Iranian blanket model will be a factor in many areas and you can contact us for bulk order.

Best Shadilon Teen Blanket Model

Best Shadilon Teen Blanket Model

Teen Blanket is another part of Shadilon Blanket’s field of business that offers its products in standard size 140 x 110 cm. The product counts.

In today’s competitive marketplace, if you want to achieve commercial success, you need to be able to buy a variety of products from the manufacturer, and the Shadilon teen blanket will be one of the things you need to buy with these features. .

This blanket model, which is suitable for teens, has a net weight of 1,300 grams and can be purchased in bulk in a variety of colors.

But the Shadilon teens Embossed flower manner are also made of polyester fibers and would be a great option for keeping your baby healthy.

This blanket model, due to its good strength and quality, would be suitable for washing with a washing machine or hand.

Anyway, you can contact us for wholesale prices of Iranian Shadilon blankets for domestic market or export.

Wholesale Chica Blankets

Wholesale Chica Blankets

Several designs can be named among the Shadilon blankets produced in Mashhad, one of which is the Chika Blanket and the Monochrome Embossed flower manner Model and blanket flower blanket can be purchased in a wide variety.

Buying Chika’s Embossed flower manner Blanket can be a good choice both for distribution and for hotels and … The production of this Iranian product, weighing 2800 gr and measuring 220 x 160 cm, is done in tissue. It also uses polyester fibers to witness the ultimate in quality and durability as well as the beauty of this product.

Chica blankets are packed in 10-carton boxes, but the need for customers is to come up with solutions to help reduce freight costs.

For this reason, it is also possible to open the carton and place it in a sack so that we can send more cartons with fewer packages to the destinations you are considering, and this is from the company We will do our best to reduce the cost of your beloved ones.

Direct order Ailar Double Blankets direct 

Direct order Ailar Double Blankets direct

The Ailar Double Blanket will be a good choice for you to order, but you will definitely need to know the specifics of this prominent double flower blanket.

This Iranian double blanket model, which is produced in a size of 195 x 225 cm and weighs 2800 gr, is a one-layer Rachel blanket model that is produced in a variety of designs and colors with polyester fibers.

Since Shadilon blanket products have a wide variety of designs and designs, for this reason, they have achieved a better market both in Iran and abroad, but with all these interpretations, we are trying to work with By increasing our blanket production capacity, we can provide our customers with faster response.

In addition to the design and role of the blanket, the most important thing is that the Shadilon blanket products are offered in the best and most durable packaging so that they can be shipped to the most reliable locations.

Price of Atis Nubaft Shadilon blanket

One of Nubaft Shadilon’s new blanket products is dedicated to Atis Double Blankets, and the price of Atis Blankets is determined by the manufacturer, depending on the weight as well as the thickness and design.

If you choose the Atis Flower Blanket, you can get 3500 gr with a size of 225 x 195 cm and this polyester product can undoubtedly be a good choice for sleepers distributors in the market because of the weight It is convenient and the variety of designs will be such that it can meet the needs of customers and consumers.We all know that in the market today, blanket manufacturers operate under many names and brands, but Shadilon Blanket is one of the well known Iranian brands that has offered market wide blanket products.

Wholesale Shadilon baby blanket

Wholesale Shadilon baby blanket

Shadilon baby blanket in the design of the moon and the bear can be a soft and warm blanket that produces this baby blanket model, measuring 110 x 80 cm, and Embroidery the blanket in turn is one of the features This product stands out.

If you are new to baby Simsonian, undoubtedly baby blankets can be one of the essential necessities that you can buy with Shadilon dolls in the best quality and best design. Online shopping and the price of baby blankets provided by this collection have provided a safe environment for the major ordering of boy and girl blankets as well as a variety of jelly blankets, including Bear and Carter designs.

All of these blanket products, because they are made from good standard fibers, deliver high quality, longevity with stylish colors.

Wholesale Nika Shadilon Single Blanket

Wholesale Nika Shadilon Single Blanket

The Nika Blanket is a Monochrome Embossed flower manner or floral highlight with similar designs and colors to the Chika Blanket, but the question arises, why do they have different names despite the same design and colors?

In this regard, it should be noted that the quality of the Chika blanket is 1.5 times that of the Nika Blanket, which means that the Nika Blanket products are of a lower quality but this lower quality is due to the presence of stain or rust and … that will be created during production.

But not just changing the name of the blanket, but also making it possible for customers to pay less by choosing Nika Blankets, and with that in mind, you can make a variety of Nika or Chica blankets Make your choice.

Buying the best quality home and travel blankets from a blanket maker can undoubtedly bring you lower prices, but a blanket maker is now coming into business when you can offer high custom volumes and we are ready to collaborate with all cities through this collection.


Online shopping for shadilon model raha

Among the blanket price lists provided by Shadilon Manufacturing Group, the rosha blanket is also featured as a single Embossed flower manner blanket model, produced in a size of 220 * 140cm and is easy to obtain and purchase Most of the way is created and will be related to the communication of this site.

Wholesale Blanket Shopping Center, by creating a one-stop shop for Blankets, offers the best structure to your customers so that you can best operate in today’s commercial market and supply a wide variety of blanket models through this You can accomplish the site.

Wholesale Shadilon Travel Blankets

Wholesale Shadilon Travel Blankets

The Shadilon Travel Blanket will also be a great option for wholesalers who, because of the large blanket prices on this site, will be able to easily supply all of their customers who want to make a successful and lucrative business in this market.

This travel blanket model is offered under the brand of Paya Blanket or Tisa Blanket, both of which are simple prototypes and we also manufacture and design the Traveler flowerbed blanket tissue to provide customers with good and high purchasing power.

Shadilon Industrial Group Travel Blankets are manufactured in two standard single and double sizes, which can be found on the factory price list of blankets from the factory and can be ordered for bulk orders.

Wholesale Travel Blankets

Price of Shadilon’s Embossed flower manner Blanket, Diamond Model

It is now time to introduce the Diamond Embossed flower manner Blanket, and this Shadilon standard blanket model has achieved a special and good standing amongst the business of sleeping necessities.

The Diamond Blanket Purchase Site allows customers to buy cheap blankets at low prices and this is possible due to the direct supply of blankets through the factory door.

If you are a major buyer of Diamond Double Blankets, it is good to know that the manufacturer can be the best platform and space for you to order a variety of Embossed flower manner blankets and even if you are in distant cities created through this virtual space, You can order your blankets.

Where to buy bulk blankets? If you are also concerned about finding the right answer to this question, it is good to know that our companionship will give you the opportunity to benefit from the best prices and best blanket models and establish a secure business.